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  • Chapter 1:  Big Data Business Model Maturity Index.
  • Chapter 2:  Understanding the Basics of Data Science
  • Chapter 3:  Design Thinking Humanizes Data Science
  • Chapter 4: The "Thinking Like A Data Scientist" Methodology
  • Chapter 5:  Hypothesis Development Canvas
  • Chapter 6:  The Prioritization Matrix Process


“When I got the eBook, I could not put it down and read it over a weekend - twice. Why?

The Dean has done it again - giving a clear, detailed and actionable approach to the art and science behind Data Science. One has to just understand the framework and vision, start using the templates and put the nuances in the book into action - lo and behold, my productivity and work maturity improved vastly in my day to day Data Analysis work!” - Harsha Srivatsa

Special Requests

Please contact me if you’d like to order rights to the book at a bulk discount and/or get a version of the book with your logo on the lower right of the cover page. You can reach me via twitter and LinkedIn.